the termites studio

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co-creation with ants





この事業の一部は、公益財団法人 福武財団「2024年度アートによる地域振興助成」から助成を受けています。


Cohabitation with Other Species: Cultivating Art Senses

The Termites studio is nourished by artists James Jack and Masashi Echigo to explore the possibilities of creative interspecies communities on Shodoshima.

Although termites are disliked as pests, they are highly social insects with individual roles that aids them to thrive as a collective. We are conducting artistic research on termite ecosystems as one example of how humans can learn from other species.

Through art activities, we collaborate with unique experts in Setouchi. We are creating a nest for creative communities where diverse people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles are included.